Adorable metal wall decor 2 assorted

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Let your mornings be bright and colorful as you place these colorful flower wall decors right inside your abode. With a charm of the countryside, these floral wall decors are certainly not worth a miss. Made from good quality metal, they ensure long life. These wall decors have a rectangular frame with flower popping out in lovely colors in the centre. The flowers are neatly cut and colored with a shiny finish. Place both the decor s on a single wall or different ones according to your preference. If you have an empty wall in your house, then this wall decor will be just ideal there. These wall decors will add depth and interest to walls you never thought would be noticed in your dwelling. Fix it and watch the impact it makes to the surroundings. Easy to clean and maintain, if you find this ideal then get it for your home, fix it in the office lobby area. ?.